Utilizing Plant-Derived Salicylic Acid to Inhibit Leafminer Moth (Noorda blitealis Walker) Infestation on Moringa Oleifera


  • Audi, A. H Bayero University, P.M.B.3011, Kano
  • Adejo, E. E Nassarawa State University, Lafia




Moringa oleifera, Noorda blitealis, Infestation, Salicylic acid


The experimental trial was conducted at Sakab Farm Limited Satame, Makoda Local Government. Kano State (12°18’20’’N, 8°36’30’’E / 12°16’0’’N, 8°27’50’’E), from October, 2021 to November, 2022. The experiments were established in various field cages in a split plot design with various levels of Salicylic acid (SA) treatments representing the main plots and the spray regimes: 1 weeks after spray (1-WAS), 2 weeks after spray (2-WAS) and 3 weeks after spray (3-WAS), as subplots. Different Concentrations of SA (5mg/l, 10mg/l and 20mg/l) were extracted from plant sources and formed by serial dilution. Ten freshly emerged larvae of Noorda blitealis collected from infested fields were introduced into each of the treatment group containing the treated stands of drumstick. The set up was undisturbed but observed at regular intervals. The results shows that, mean percentage leaves damage varied significantly (P<0.001) among different concentrations of SA and the spray regimes. Larval development time was significantly (P<0.05) prolonged in the higher concentration (20mg/l. SA) and median spray regime (2-WAS). The mean percentage leaves damage and progeny emergence of the moths were considerably low at the same treatment combinations. Moringa plants treated with higher concentrations of SA were also less infested and apparently more tolerant than the other treatments owing to their lower index of susceptibilities. This facility should be incorporated into the integrated control for effective management of Insect pest.

Author Biographies

Audi, A. H, Bayero University, P.M.B.3011, Kano

Department of Biological Sciences,

Faculty of Science, Bayero University,

P.M.B.3011, Kano

Adejo, E. E, Nassarawa State University, Lafia

Department of Crop Protection,

Faculty of Agriculture, Nassarawa State University, Lafia




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Audi, A. H., & Adejo, . E. E. (2023). Utilizing Plant-Derived Salicylic Acid to Inhibit Leafminer Moth (Noorda blitealis Walker) Infestation on Moringa Oleifera . International Journal of Science for Global Sustainability, 9(4), 70–76. https://doi.org/10.57233/ijsgs.v9i4.557