Message from The Dean, Faculty of Sciences

The International Journal of Science for Global Sustainability (IJSGS) is a fact-based multidisciplinary international journal biannually published at the Faculty of Science of this fast-growing institution. The scope, review strategy and publication pattern are coined to fit the standard recognized by globally rated Publishers, Authors and Indexing Databases.

The current issue of the Journal covers manuscripts with contents in the following areas of global sustenance:

  • Environmental management through scientific research.
  • The role of mathematics and simulations in ensuring a sustainable future.
  • Combined agricultural and biological investigations for addressing health and economic challenges.
  • Mitigating the projected economic problems for a sustainable world through multi- disciplinary research.

The Faculty is expressing an unreserved commendation to the Editor- in-chief (i.e. Dr. Lawal Saadu), Business Editor (Dr. Aliyu Usman Moyi), various members of the local and international Editorial Boards and the Voluntary Reviewers for bringing the issue to success.

I will explicitly continue to support the rapid growth of IJSGS and other Journals regularly published by this University. I look forward to seeing this Journal competing favorably with international recognized high impact journals.

With kindest regards!

DR N. A. Sani
Dean, Faculty of Science,
Federal University Gusau, Nigeria