Message From the Vice Chancellor

What makes educational institutions live up to their expectations is academic interactions that take place within them. Universities all over the world are known to carry out three major functions – Teaching, Research and Community Service/Development. Researches are carried out and results of the findings are presented to the outside world as a way of contributing to the body of knowledge. Federal University Gusau is not an exception in the performance of the three mandates of Universities. The International Journal of Science for Global Sustainability (IJSGS) is one of the many publications undertaken by Faculties and Departments in the University where Academics carry out Researches and present results of their findings.

The continous publication of the International Journal of Science for Global Sustainability (IJSGS), as the Faculty had, since its establishment along-side two other Faculties in 2014, ensures that all Academic staff within and outside the University were provided a chance to publish their papers for sustainable development of Nigeria as a developing nation. It also stands to serve as a veritable source of literature for researchers in the Science, Engineering, Mining and Mathematics fields.

Similarly, the aims and objectives of this journal is to provide materials effective for environmental management through scientific research; the role of mathematics and simulations for ensuring a sustainable future; combined agricultural and biological investigations for addressing health and economic challenges; and mitigating the projected economic problems for a sustainable world through multi-disciplinary research.

I will like to seize this opportunity to congratulate the leadership of Faculty of Science, right from the pioneer to the current, for achieving this milestone and also to the Editorial team for putting things together reaching this level.

Prof. Mu’azu Abubakar Gusau,
Federal University Gusau, Nigeria.