Challenges of Solid Waste Disposal in Nigeria: A Review


  • Mafara, S.M. Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, Talata Mafara
  • Magami, I.M. Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto


Solid waste, Management, Disposal, Nigeria


Solid waste management is the most pressing environmental challenge faced by urban and rural areas not only in Nigeria but in many developing countries.Therefore, it has been the centre of discussion for most of the environmentalists and also for the local governing bodies. Wastes are being generated mainly from municipal land uses Efficient and effective waste management is best achieved at household levels. If every person gets involved, we can have a powerful effect on the environment in a positive way. By Reducing, Reusing other things like empty cans, Recycling the recyclables like paper and Rejecting unused items from the commercial like package of freezer instead of taking it home the amount of waste we generate in our environment can be minimize. Creating awareness on the strategies of waste management will go a long way in minimizing the problems of solid waste. Also the Government should strengthen the system for solid waste management i.e. by providing facilities such as waste bins at strategic places, human resources, vehicles, regular collection centres and use better disposal methods appropriately. Organic wastes can conveniently be composted.  The remaining waste that can not fit into any of the above steps; reduce, reuse, recycle and composting can be disposed properly using the most convenient method. This paper discussed different methods of solid waste disposal practiced in both developed and developing countries and their problems which pose several negative impacts on humans and the environment in general.

Author Biographies

Mafara, S.M., Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, Talata Mafara

Department of Applied Sciences,Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, TalatarMafara,Zamfara State, Nigeria

Magami, I.M., Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto

Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, UDUS, Nigeria




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